Cost levitra 10mg Miriam Watkins


Miriam Watkins owns 3 duplex throughout the southside of Milwaukee that can earn her a great return.


Miriam hired a live in contractor to take care of her properties and live in one of her units as compensation. The problem is that nothing seems to be getting done in the units. The contractor says that he is working on it but never seems to finish the job. Turns out that the contractor also had a full time job so did the jobs in his spare time. This process drove her occupancy down significantly.


Once we took over as managers we notified her handyman that he would no longer have to make any repairs and that his rent would take effect on the first of the month and if he had any questions to contact us not the owner because we were now taking care of the management. We contacted all of the tenants and informed them of this and also did a walk through to finish and correct all of the work that that needed it. This made all the tenants happy and we were also able to get her properties 100% occupancy in 4 months of management.

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